Indiana Air Search and Rescue

Ohio Warrior Weekend

IASAR would like to share an email, provided by a gentleman who attended the Ohio Warrior Weekend, this past July. We love the feedback, for its a reminder that we are more than an organization or a club. We are about forming wonderful experiences and relationships, as we partake in these events. 

"... I wanted to thank the whole crew by name,but unfortunately could not remember all by name and did not want to leave anyone out of the sincere thanks that I felt (and STILL feel). The names that I do remember is Rich.....what and awesome guy with such a gentile personality. We had a really good repore with him before and during the flight! And Travis (I THINK that is his name) that was so very kind to take 2 pictures of me sitting on the "chopper" before it fired up and sending it off to my e-mail. That will certainly be pictures that I print off and frame to forever remember that day(as if I need pics to do that!! What an incredible day and memory). AND Travis struggled in sending it as I am sure that he's like me and not well versed in sending attatchments.....BUT he WAS NOT going to give up on doing so!  Sincere thanks go out to him. And the 'Nam pilot that took time to talk with me was incredible as well as ALL that was on your crew!!! You are certainly very blessed to have such a dedicated crew with SUPER people skills!!! You guys are are such an inspiration and healing force to veterans such as me and others that saw lots of combat that were transported to and from battle sites by the Huey. They NEVER hesitated to come to our call for "dust-offs" or to resupply us in critical moments......over and over. They WERE and ARE the true heroes of the Vietnam War.....and us "grunts" loved these men more than they could ever imagine. They were selfless,courageous,and I am certain, very nervous at times.......but they came!!!! I thank God for them. We were transported/serviced by the 116th Assault Helicopter Company......the Hornets. We recently had our 5th reunion (1st one in 2013 after 43 years of NO CONTACT) and one of the chopper pilots who flew us around attends them with us. So good to talk to him. Of the 42 that attended this year.....there are 4 of us with 3 Purple Hearts!!!!!! Lots of combat......lots of flying.......so you can see why you and your crew had such a MAJOR impact on me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! The ONLY disappointment in that day was the fact that I had to strap in and could not sit on the floor with my feet hanging out as I did in '69-'70!!!!!! Of course I'm joking.......kind of!!!!! No, really I understand the restrictions. OH.....and if I could have had another ride.....or 2 or 3 or 4. Again Charlie, I will always have you and your crew in my prayers that you might be richly blessed and that ALL your needs are meet be it spiritually,physically, or in the needs of your awesome commitment to your Huey needs. AND your loving,giving,inspiring gift that you present to Christian each and every day. God bless you Charlie....I love what you have undertaken in this life......so giving in so many ways.

Randy Cornett....aka John R. Cornett"